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Name of Newspaper:-
The New York Times

Volume Number:-

No. 56,551

Thursday, July 2013


All the News that’s fit to print

New York

Weather Report Summary:-
Today, variably cloudy, heavy Thunder storms, watch for flooding, high
87.  Tonight, showers, heavy thunderstorms, low 72. Tomorrow, rain,
high 79. Weather map, Page B20



News Values


It tells closeness of the occurrence and audience are attracted towards it.

If an event is happened in Lahore then more people from Lahore will watch that news as compared to the people living in other cities.



The more recent the news is, the more important it is.

If an event is happened recently and its news is published then it is of importance. Once the news becomes old, no one reads it.



Strange happenings, occurrences and unusual things make news important.

If a dog bites a man then it’s not unusual. But if a man bites a dog, then it’s unusual and it will be given importance by the audience.


Famous Persons

Occurrences and happenings of famous people determine the importance of news.

If a Nawaz sharif’s cat is lost, then it becomes news but it doesn’t become a news if some ordinary person’s cat is lost.


Famous Places

Occurrences and happenings of famous places also determine the importance of news.

If one person is murdered in Lahore and one person in some village, then the person who is murdered in Lahore will be given importance and that will become a news.



The consequences of something also matter in making news newsworthy.

If 10% duty is increased on Mercedes and on the other hand 1Rs is added to the electricity unit, then the electricity unit news will be published and will be given importance because the consequences of electricity are worse than duty increase on Mercedes.



Important inventions also determine the newsworthiness of news.

If a new type of phone is introduced in a market, then its news will be newsworthy as compared to the ordinary mobile phones.



Controversies and conflicts are very attractive to people and they usually grab a lot of attention.

If there is a fight between two big gangs or some conflicts between two political parties, then it becomes news and people are attracted towards it.



Magnitude is number of people and it also determines the importance of news.

If there is a long march and there is a huge crowd then it will be important news as everyone will be interested in it.



Occurrences and happenings of people’s adventures are one of the news values.

If a person completes a trip of Europe on bicycle, then it becomes newsworthy.


Movie Review – The Hunger Games(2012)


The Hunger Games is a science fiction adventure movie released on March 12, 2012. It is directed by Gary Ross and based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. It is produced by the famous Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik. The film features Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark being the lead actors. The movie was developed by Lions Gate Entertainment and Color Force as a result of a co-production agreement. The budget of this movie was $78 million and it made $691,247,768 on box office.

In the nation of Panem, which consists of 12 districts, is ruled by a wealthy Capitol. As a punishment for a past rebellion and as a way to demoralize the districts, each year “The Hunger Games” is organized by the Capitol in which each district must provide a 12-18 year old girl and a boy called as “Tributes” in the movie. All the tributes are executed in a vast arena where they must fight to death and only one of them, whoever it may be, survives and achieves fame and wealth.
As The Hunger Games begin, Katniss is partnered by Peeta Mellark, a boy her age from the same village as the male tribute. He soon expresses his love for Katniss publicly.
Most of the tributes die in the beginning of Hunger Games but Katniss manages to survive by staying away from them. But soon it is officially announced that there has been a change in rules and now they’ll have two winners instead of one, but they have to be from the same district, upon which Katniss starts searching for her Partner Peeta. She finds him wounded, but these wounds are soon healed. They manage to be the last survivors but again, the rules are changed and it is announced that now, only one victor is allowed. Katniss convinces Peeta to perform a double suicide by ingesting poison. As soon as they are about to ingest poison, rules are again changed and both of them are crowned as victors.

Mechanics of the Movie:-
The movie was thrilling at various points but it was also predictable at some points, ruining the concept of climax. The cast was very wisely chosen. Each actor of the movie gave the best of their abilities. The movie wasn’t much conceptual at many scenes and 3D animated beasts could have been better and realistic. The Cameras captured the scenes from many angles and it sometimes made it unable to watch some scenes clearly.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and thrilling. The story makes it worth watching. It could have been improved more but still it wasn’t bad. I loved the movie and would definitely recommend it.


Negative Impacts Of Pakistani Media

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This research paper deals with the “Negative impacts of Pakistani media.” This paper mainly focuses on the Anti-Pakistani propaganda, exaggeration and all those things by which Pakistani media is playing a negative role in Pakistan. It also focuses on the people who are behind all this and why are they doing it. Some solutions to the problem have also been discussed in the end. Continue reading

Household workers have a lot of role in the economic life of the country

Household workers affect the economy of a country in many ways. They may not seem to contribute towards to economy of a country but they also play an important role.

They help to keep the money flow in a regular way. They are the proletariat class and they do the work at low wages. They are the economy boosters of the country. These household workers don’t just sit. They work in the homes and they earn money and from that money they also buy things for them and everything has tax. So they are paying the country in the form of taxes. Similarly they don’t live without the bills. They also pay their bills which also has tax. So in short they are paying the country back which helps the economy. According to International Labour Organization (ILO) they represent 4 to 10 percent of the total workforce in developing countries and 1 to 2.5 percent of the total workforce in developed countries. (

The household workers work for people who go to different jobs so that those people can work for the betterment of a country. What if there was no babysitter to look after children or no maid to keep the house clean of a single living person. Then he would not be able to go to work and due to that economy would be affected. Similarly the household workers work so that they can send their children to schools, and when their children will grow up it will improve their standard of living. This also indirectly helps in the betterment of economy and economy is also affected by it.

These household workers are not doing an educated job but they are doing something which removes unemployment and hence they contribute to the gross national product and gross domestic product and hence building the economy.

Points Against Socialism



To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, ‘the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, and the fruits acquired by it.

Thomas Jefferson quotes 


Def. of Socialism:

  • Economic system
  • Productive Resources owned by State
  • Equality is given importance

Low motivation

  • Responsibility of food, shelter and clothes by State
  • Everyone gets what he needs
  • Become Less dedicated to work

Ranking problem

  • Salaries are fixed
  • Expertise and past experience is not given value
  • No promotions according to the expertise, education and experience

Slow Growth

  • Many liabilities of a State
  • Less dedicated people
  • Absence of competition

Establishment of Monopoly

  • Government becomes monopolist.
  • Ruling Class occupies the entire economy, so government officers become Monopolists
  • Problems of monopoly comes like abnormal prices, no consumer sovereignty and inferior goods etc


Soviet Union is an example which got separated due to Socialism.