Negative Impacts Of Pakistani Media

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This research paper deals with the “Negative impacts of Pakistani media.” This paper mainly focuses on the Anti-Pakistani propaganda, exaggeration and all those things by which Pakistani media is playing a negative role in Pakistan. It also focuses on the people who are behind all this and why are they doing it. Some solutions to the problem have also been discussed in the end.


Table of Contents;

  1. Introduction
  2. Anti-Pakistani Propaganda
  3. Exaggeration and Misleading people
  4. Role of Foreign Governments and Agencies in Pakistani Media
  5. Proper Check and balance
  6. Questionnaire Results
  7. Conclusion


Chapter One


The term freedom of expression is widely used. It means that person(s) can express feelings freely without anyone’s pressure. Media implements this term a lot because in this way they are free to show whatever they want. But does it mean that people can say whatever they want even if it hurts the feelings of others or is against ethics?

According to Jim Morrison: “Whosoever controls the media controls the mind”

Media affects the way people behave and think. It controls the mind of people. Media exaggerate the news so that people see it. Positive side is often ignored by people but people always love to see the negative things. So, the media is creating chaos and anarchy in our country as it adds spice to the news and always shows negative side just for the sake of rating.

Media is a very powerful source. Media can make the people love their country or even make them destroy. Unfortunately our media just care for its rating, hence working for the destruction of our country. Previously media was not that strong but now media has become very strong. It can control people’s minds. Media also shows the positive side of events but it is far less than the negative aspects of events. But why is Pakistani media spreading chaos and anarchy in our society? There are several points which lead to it.


Chapter two

Anti-Pakistani Propaganda


Every media supports its country but Pakistani media along with the Western media only promotes the negativity of Pakistan. They want to crush Pakistan through media. They want the people to think that there are only negative things in Pakistan and hence playing with people’s minds. This is the propaganda by Pakistani media along with the western media.

Pakistani media shows different talk shows in which they talk about negativity of Pakistan. They present things in such a way that people watch it. They always degrade the government and army rather than showing their positive side. It creates a restless attitude in people which leads to several problems. They blame army a lot too that they take up most of the budget of our country. They want the people to think that army is doing nothing than just eating up the country so that people will be against army. In this way they want to weaken the defense of our country. Similarly there are various examples.

Many times on media it has been said that Pakistan will collapse on some illogical assumptions although by the grace of Allah, Pakistan is still on the map. It also created chaos in the country. People got scared too. It also left a bad impact on non-pakistanis. Pakistani media tries its best to create such spicy news so that it attract the people but in this way they are creating nothing but chaos and anarchy in the country.

India claims its right over majority of these areas and Geo tv endorsing their claim over these territories. All this can be the blessing of “AmankiAsha” between Geo Tv and Times of India.

Not only it is against National integrity of a country, it is also against professionalism of any institution.

The flag of any country is its representation in front of the world. The flag is a symbol of any nation. If you distort or harm the flag of any country you actually attack on that particular country.

As clearly seen in these pictures, it was again Geo tv. These shots have been taken from “Special Independence Day show” and it was conducted on 14th August 2009. One can clearly see that apparently the Pakistani flag shown on the background is the original Pakistani flag. But clearly when one will have a closer look at it, he/she will realize that the star show in the flag is not the original star of Pakistani flag. Pakistani flag has a 5-cornered star, and that’s how stars are drawn or made.  The star being shown in the above flag is actually the symbol of Zionism or Dajjal. It is considered to be a symbol of devil forces. The same symbol represents Israel. Again, it can’t be a mistake, because nowhere in the world Pakistani flag is made like that.  .

What media is propagating over Baluchistan issue is that Pakistan army and intelligence agencies are responsible for adverse situation in Baluchistan. It is a question of common sense that, “How army of one country can kill its own people?” Apart from it Pakistani media is playing cards of foreign elements to defame and demoralize Pakistan Army as it is the most disciplined and the greatest institution of Pakistan. .

What was the role of media when American forces came into Pakistan and attacked Osama’s compound, when PAF base Kamra was attacked, when Naval base Mehran was attacked?

Everyone witnessed that media’s role was totally negative and baseless conspiracy theories was being made. Above all, the media trial Pakistani armed forces were conducted, which does not come under the domain of media. The media strived really hard to poison the minds of people of Pakistan against important security institutions.

This sort of mischiefs by Pakistani media can have disastrous consequences. It can spread and burn the whole nation in the fire. Moreover it can trigger great destruction within the country.

There was almost the same story when Mumbai attacks were done by terrorists. Pakistani media left no stone unturned to prove those terrorists as Pakistani terrorists (which was again India’s stand that those terrorists were Pakistani’s. Due to which Pakistan had to bear a diplomatic set-back in front of the whole world, and it caused hatred against Pakistan.


 Chapter Three

Exaggeration and Misleading People


Media knows that people always love the news which is a little interesting. They know that people don’t watch boring news, so they always exaggerate news which increases their ratings and hence they earn more money through it. They are always looking for the bad aspects of things. It is our common observation that if a person has done 10 positive things and one wrong thing, then we will go for the negative side instead of appreciating the rest of the positive things. This is our common psyche. Our Media uses this disadvantage of ours for its own benefit.

Similarly, if a person has just hit a person normally by mistake then the media will show it in such a way that the person has murdered or tried to kill someone. Our Media is playing with our trends and cultures by showing things which are not part of our culture. For example, weddings on morning shows have become very common now days. They show Indian culture a lot. Media takes money from big organizations and shows what other organizations want to show. New generation speaks a lot of words of Hindi and talk about their culture instead of ours. All this is a result of our media showing the cultures and trends of other countries. They don’t focus on our trends.

The media sometimes has also been found as creating hype among the nation among various issues. Usually the audience is constantly fed with the same story again and again, presented with different themes and hence creating an unfriendly or hostile atmosphere among the masses. Instead of uniting the people and creating a state of harmony among them, few anchor-persons have been labeled as taking things to the extreme end and presenting a case in a manner which is restricted to their thoughts or assumptions and it may as well prove harmful to the state.

Now-a-days, some figures among the media labeled as “religious scholars” have gained significant popularity. They claim that their knowledge upon religious matters is ample and complete but the truth is that they are devils who have descended amongst us in the form of angels. They also, present religious matters in a way they prefer, not in a way the religion addresses to the believers. They might also be blamed for dividing the people.

The channels have “investigation cells” of their own; reporting crimes and presenting them to the audience in a very ill manner. Such programs need to be questioned by the Regulatory Bodies, what are we showing to our people? What kind of society are we building? A society which is intolerant, extremist, ill-mannered, uninformed and much more. These are very sensitive issues and need to be dealt with great care but sad to say that in this country things keep going as they are, unquestioned, uncertain and unbothered.

This country was made so that the Muslims of the sub-continent can live a life which truly depicts the Islamic way of living and discarding the Western standards of life. Unfortunately, in our quest of “modernizing” we have advanced so much that religion is not a big deal for us anymore. Hardly any channel can be credited for calling the Muslims to pray five times a day.



Chapter four

Role of Foreign Governments and Agencies in Pakistani media


In today’s modern world, nations work together in harmony, leading towards a better, safer future of their people. Mutual-cooperation is observed between many countries around the globe who are trying to sort out the troubles of one-another. Many countries rely heavily upon the others if they wish to carry on with the world. The governments of these states struggle and wish to maintain perfect ties between inhabitants of both sides.

But it is sad to see, that in today’s period of disarray, many Hitlers want to impose their wishes upon the people who they want to enslave. Of course, they use force wherever it is applicable. In places where they lack this opportunity, they look for people who can work under them and can spread their message in a much glamourized fashion so it may seem appealing to the people.

Media is a key to control the mindsets of the masses. Whoever possesses this key possesses the access to the thinking ability of a nation. If the people who interact with the masses are reliable, faithful and are filled with patriotism, the nation flourishes. But if they are wolves disguised as lambs, then one can only pray for such a malfunctioned nation. Indeed, delivering the truth to the great masses of the people is a job which not only demands responsibility but patriotism must go parallel with this in-order to establish reliability on one’s people and state.

Everyone is aware of the covert role of different agencies in different areas of Pakistan. These areas are not only territorial instead, these are different areas of different walks of life. Now even professions are under influence of these international agencies. These agencies pay the people and carry out their desired tasks through the ordinary people. Similarly, Pakistani media is one thing which is of paramount importance for foreign agencies. They are investing heavily into media and by doing that, they are promoting their point of views among people of Pakistan. They are not only promoting but also, it would be better to say that, they are injecting their views among the people of Pakistan.

Over the past, media in Pakistan has undergone note-able changes. There were not too many issues in the country; hence the public didn’t had a lot to ponder upon. But with the passage of time, things changed dramatically. Media got strengthen up and the pace by which it gained access to the people was incredible. The forces who wanted to de-stabilize the country immediately started planning their diabolical schemes.

In current times, where Pakistan wants to develop friendly ties with the international brother-hood, few groups in the media who are actively controlled by foreign agencies, began sowing the seeds of wrath. Targeted foreign content began to encircle in parts of media, probably just to show that they wanted to modernize the country or to bring some good or positive change among the people. But the reality was quite bitter.

On January 1, 2010 an initiative was carried out by Times of India and Jang Group-Pakistan to begin a new era of mutual-cooperation among the business, media and cultural typhoons across the border. It was named as AmankiAshaor Hope for Peace. In India the Hindu extremist party, RashtriyaSwayamsevakSanghor the RSS greatly opposed this beginning of friendly ties on a new basis with Pakistan but somehow AmankiAsha found some shelter under the Indian media. In Pakistan, the situation was quite different. The Geo Group was doing it’s very best to promote this cause among the Pakistani people. In every news bulletin the Indian element was gaining unwanted and undeserved popularity. It seemed as if the reigns of this media group were directly in the hands of its Indian counterpart. Indian culture, their movies and other content began to be promoted in the country like never before. The entertainment channels in Pakistan also became a part of this propaganda. Indian drama serials and cartoons were being aired on Pakistani channels most of the time. Whereas in India, AmankiAsha failed to gain the repute it wanted to earn. Indian channels and media were viewing their own content as usual and absolutely ignored the Pakistani content. Many loyal journalists in Pakistan wished to carry on this initiative but on a balanced scale, the element of patriotism, which should be above all, cannot be simply ignored at any cost. But unfortunately, Geo and Jang Group continued to work on their evil plot.

The recent Sarabjit Singh incident is also a big question mark on the way the media reported the issue to the people. The Pakistani media was reportedly addressing Singh as a ‘spy’ whereas it has been cleared that he was a terrorist and there is significant difference between the two terms. After being interviewed by a BBC correspondent, a note-able Geo News newscaster disclosed that their editorial board had ordered them to call Singh as a spy rather than a terrorist as it was a ‘harsh’ word to address someone with. The recording of this conversation is available on the internet.

The South Asian Free Media Association or SAFMA is an independent body whose duty is to monitor and establish equilibrium among the different media groups of the region. In the recent past, the activities of SAFMA have somehow become quite suspicious. It has been recently reported that there are some elements working within SAFMA who have been promoting unwanted phenomena in Pakistan. Working alongside with non-credible sources in Pakistan, SAFMA workers, who are also accused as agents of RAW, the Indian spy agency, have been spreading secularity, anti-Islamic and rotten thoughts which are in true sense against the ideology of Pakistan. Certain talk-shows conducted by pioneer journalists of Pakistan proved that the behavior of those working alongside with SAFMA in Pakistan was questionable. It is widely believed that SAFMA is heavily funded by Indian intelligence agency RAW, to get the desired results.


Similarly, the US-AID advertisements viewed on the media depict as if Pakistan wholly relies on the US-AID in order to survive, it is creating an atmosphere of un-reliability and trust deficiency on one’s state institutions and departments. Though the services of the US-AID must be acknowledged and appreciated but to view your works in hope that the Pakistani people will allow the US Army to conduct drone strikes and mass murder of innocent humans under the cover of War against Terrorism is absolutely intolerable and will only result in increased hatred against the US no matter how hard they try to gain some respect among the Pakistani people. A few thousand dollars in turn for violation of your country’s solidarity, is indeed a deal having a hazardous aftermath. The people of Pakistan stand united against terrorism but this is absolutely no proper way of tackling it, instead it just makes things worse.

In September 2011, it was disclosed that two Pakistani journalists working in the US get their pay from the American Abroad Media or AAM which is a US State Department, apart from earning their wages from Dunya and Express, news channels they represented. The American press showed no eager on this rare news and highlighted it as an effort to improve America’s image abroad. How is it possible that a worker gets paid by two different organizations at the same time whereas he is representing just one of them? This is totally absurd. Further details on this issue are available on the Express Tribune website.

Working on the policy outlined by the enemies of the country, the media is busy in spreading filthy content and de-Islamization of the country’s youth. It is a matter of great concern that now-a-days our youth has adopted the ways and teachings of the West and placed the Islamic thinking alongside. We have forgotten that we have earned this country so that we may live our lives according to the teachings and laws of Islam. There is absolutely no room for any secular ideas. Some individuals in the media have recently accused Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Father of the Nation, of having secular thoughts but this is completely null and void. Jinnah was a staunch Muslim, who lived a simple life in regulation with the teachings of Islam and wished the same for every Muslim of the sub-continent. He struggled day and night to make this dream come true and now after living years in Jinnah’s Pakistan, how can one simply point a finger on the Great leader’s thoughts and thinking?

Where is the element of Patriotism among the people of Pakistan? When will they wake from their slumber? This devastation can only come to an end only when every individual realizes his responsibilities and his role in the progress of the state. Pakistanis are people of an independent country who have their own ideology and way of living. Nothing or no-one can impose their thoughts or ideas upon them. It is they who have to point out the wolves amongst them, who are causing excessive damage to the country’s solidarity.

Recently, American secret fund of $50 million was exposed for Pakistani media. These funds were given to Pakistani journalists to promote US’s point of view as facts. It was basically given to buy Pakistani journalists. As a result of this aid, most of the shows conducted on Pakistani tv channels and even news promote hopelessness and frustration among people of Pakistan.

Similarly, UK has given aid of 1.2 Billion pounds without any tender, to a specific group of Pakistani media for promoting secularity and liberalism and moreover to promote UK’s point of view as facts. A recently started TV show names as “ChalParha” is a blessing of this aid. “ChalParha” has been promoting secularism under the umbrella of education.

In the seventh episode of this show, the host of the show raised some serious questions on Islamic education in Pakistan’s educational system. He raised questions like, Whyurdu books have Naats and Hamd in it? Why students are taught about Islamic heroes and warriors? And so on.


Chapter five

Proper Check and balance


Now Pakistani media has become very strong. Its reason is simple. It has all happened because there are no checks and balances for Pakistani media. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) does nothing though it is responsible for keeping an eye on the Pakistani media. But the thing is that these media companies bribe PTA, hence leading to this.

Government should make strict laws against Pakistani media. There should be some rules and regulations through which they can show something. Every news they show should be passed through some checks and balances so that it doesn’t lead to disaster. If any media company doesn’t obey those laws then their license should be taken away and also a heavy fine should be charged on them so that other companies may not show such negative news.


Chapter Six

Questionnaire Results

I asked 10 males and 10 females to fill out a questionnaire and that also supported by thesis statement. It was very surprising that only one person went against my thesis statement. Similarly people also supported the question that whether media exaggerate news or not. See the form below for detailed results.


A Questionnaire on Negative Impacts of Pakistani Media

Name: ______________________________________

Age: ____ ___________________________________

Gender: _____________________________________

Profession: __________________________________

Following are some of the questions related to Negative Impacts of Pakistani Media. Read each and every question carefully and answer them with the best option you think.

1)      How much time do you spend watching TV?


2)      What kind of channels do you watch?


3)      What should be the average time spent for watching TV?


4)      Is Pakistani Media Neutral?


5)      Does Pakistani Media exaggerate news?


6)      Does Pakistani Media only show the negative aspects of events?

7)      Which events are given more importance in Pakistani Media?


8)      Do you believe in what Pakistani Media shows?


9)      Is Pakistani Media spreading chaos?


10)   Is Pakistani Media going for the betterment of Society?


–       Thanks for filling out the form




Chapter seven



Media is a very powerful source for getting information. One can keep him/her up to date with the latest trends and news. If the Pakistani media shows the positive aspects of events then it is great otherwise it is a disaster can lead to chaos and anarchy in the society. It is just another form of an atom bomb if used for the negativity.

Government should keep checks and balances for the media. They should not be allowed to show whatever they want to show. If they keep on showing the negativity of our country then it can provide severe harm to the country and no one can but Allah can save Pakistan from destruction.





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