About Me

Hello Everyone!
I’m Hassam. I’m doing software engineering from Forman Christian College(A Chartered University). I have just completed my 4th semester.

I’m also working for a company called ‘Systematic Bytes‘. I have started my very own company too called “HDSquares”(Will give the website link when its completed).

Well I’m studying java and android game development now a days. I will be uploading my codes here on my blog. You can also get help in other subjects like English, Political Science etc.  😀

I’m a  web developer(WordPress) and now android game developer. Here are some of the websites I have made:-

1) Flying Horse Marketing 

This was my first web project.

2) Top Lists Mania

This was my first blog. I don’t update it now. If you are interested in taking over then do contact me.

3) Sonex Fans

I made for a very famous company named Sonex. It was a good shot.

4) WiseComm Entertainment Portal

I made it for a company called wisecomm and  also managed it for three months. It was fun to manage it because it was movies, songs and stuff.

5) Sublime Leather

I made it for a friend of mine and I made it in 2 to 3 days i guess.

6) Tenuta Sardi 

This is the most beautiful website which I have made so far according to me.


I made it for a society in my university called MUN.


8)Mobi Tech Info

Its one of my projects of HDSquares. Still in progress though.
Its a website about mobile phones info.


I can play guitar and piano as well. I make comics too. These are my facebook comic pages.
1) Hasnoor Tips and Kamics

2) The Chutiyapa Page

I’m pretty sure that you will find a lot of useful work here.



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